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Iowa Intensity was created to provide youth an environment to enhance their basketball and life skills, helping them reach their full potential as players, teammates, and citizens.

Iowa Intensity believes that the for youth to reach their full potential as players it involves participating and giving full effort to three pillars of the game. The 3 pillars are game action experience, team practices and individual workouts. Game action allows players to play in a competitive environment and to work through adversity that inevitably will occur. Team practices help players to learn to work hard, become better teammates, learn basketball concepts, etc. Individual workouts by players may be the most important pillar, contrary to what most might think. We have players derive 3 individual goals each season in regards to improving individual skills and working on their own away from team scheduled practices and games. For example, a player can become an excellent ball handler by simply dedicating 10-15 minutes a day to ball handling drills.

Iowa Intensity dedicates at least 5 minutes of each weeks' practices to discussing life skills with its players. Topics include goal setting, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, effort, academics, etc.

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