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We are going to try something different this year.  We will have registrations completed by end of day, August 11, 2023 for 4th-8th grade boys and girls for the Fall/Winter season.  If we have enough players to potentially have a team then we will schedule a tryout date and time, likely on either Saturday, August 27 or Sunday, August 28 in either Grinnell or Sully, IA.


There is no cost to register.


Grade = grade attending in the 2022-2023 school year (grade as of tryout date).


 Pre-registration (click on "Pre-registration to go to the link)

Season: Fall/Winter


What if I can’t make tryouts?

Contact us BEFORE tryouts and we can arrange an alternate tryout time prior to teams being formed.


Goals: To further competitive basketball players skills and experiences that live in and around Grinnell by playing against highly competitive teams.


Team Structure: 7 to 10 players on the roster. There could be more than one team in an age category. Teams will not be formed with less than 7 players; a waiting list will be formed until the roster size is met. If we have enough players, a 2nd team may be formed for an age group.


Players on a Fall/Winter team receive priority on Spring/Summer rosters (on a team if they want to participate). Spring/Summer tryouts occur in March.
Coaching assignments will be finalized with roster position offers. Schedules will be tentatively provided upon roster offers also.


  • 4th-8th grade = $600 per player, includes approximately 25+ practices and 8 tournaments.
  • $100 credit if you already have a uniform
  • There is a $100 credit for the Spring/Summer season if you participate in Fall/WInter.


Payments: $300 due September 15

Remainder due October 15 (less any credits)

Fees collected will be used for gym rental space, tournament fees, jerseys, coaching costs, and administration. Any profits will be set aside for future potential scholarships. Anyone needing financial assistance: please see the policy and application at:

Practices: Each practice will be 1.5 hours in length. Practice days and times will be determined after each team is formed. We will practice twice a week from October 1 until Thanksgiving, then once a week thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will be the team’s coach?

After tryouts we will assign a coach. Offers for team spots will include the coach assigned if that factors into your decision.

When and where will practices be held?

Practices will be held in Grinnell, Iowa unless a better alternative would happen to come from a surrounding community for gym space (price/availability/convenience). The team’s coach and parents will correspond to try to find the best time to practice once the team is formed. A set schedule will be developed at that time.

What if my child’s age doesn’t have enough for a team?

We will create a waiting list until we get to 7 players at which time the team will be created. A player may also be asked to consider playing up with the grade above.

What is Iowa Intensity and why was it created?

Iowa Intensity is a non-profit program created to provide youth an environment to enhance their basketball skills and life skills to help them reach their full potential as basketball players and citizens. There has been a recent trend of some of the top local youth players leaving town to play with other club teams which makes the local travel teams less competitive and the cost to play out of town is more than double of what is being offered through Intensity. Second, it’s our belief that in the not so distant future that school basketball won’t be available until 9th grade or the Varsity level, due to the costs that schools absorb to offer it, and all of the other outlets that are available to play the game.

What are the goals Iowa Intensity has for its players?

To learn self-discipline, build character and build a strong work ethic. People fall short of their potential because they lack the necessary discipline to be the best that they can be. Character is about having integrity, politeness, humbleness, and honesty. In order for a person to reach their full potential as a citizen in our communities we need to instill a strong work ethic in our children.

When will the tournament schedule be completed?

A set schedule will be developed after a team is formed. It’s expected that we would start tournament play in early November and end the last weekend of February.

Who do I contact with questions?

Chris Hansen, Executive Director, Mobile Phone: 641-990-6708

Larry Jackson, Director of Basketball Operations, Mobile Phone: 641-990-7135

Twitter: @IowaIntensity

Web Site:

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